Case Studies - Kellett’s Grove

Kellett’s Grove

This was MHI’s first project. It is a mid-range private development consisting of 47 houses with 5 different house types. Kelletts Grove was built to a sales programme which started in December 2016 and was completely installed and complete by December 2017.

Eastwise Homes Limited

Dunshuaghlin, Co. Meath

This was the first development for MHI so all the theoretical models we employed were tested to the fullest extent.  The biggest challenge we had was getting traditional substructure contractors to construct slabs to the higher tolerance required by MHI. Typical traditional slab tolerance would be in the region of 20mm however the tolerance necessary for an MHI build needed to be more precise. Trying to get the traditional contractor to work to these more concise measurements was a challenge which we overcame by employing a co-operative and consultative approach to the construction.

Kellett’s Grove was completed on-time and within budget and stands as a testament to the long planning and unique process which we have engaged. Our on-site consultative approach with the contractor has become an important part of this process.